PandoraCred and the Cyberpunk Adventure

Pandoracon reopens its doors on November 11th, 2016 for an amazing weekend of fandom fun with the usual convention treats such as panels, guests, vendors, and performances, but Pandoracon is so much more . . . it is a three day participatory experience with our interactive Cyberpunk Adventure in which YOU compete with rival gangs of street samurai and hackers to score wealth, upgrades, prizes, and more . . . but you’ll need PandoraCred to fund it!

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Look out for PandoraCreds . . . we’re essentially handing out free money . . . sort of . . .

PandoraCred is the currency that will be used within our Cyberpunk Live Action Adventure Game the weekend of Pandoracon 2016 and we’re already giving it away!

From the very first Pandoracon, in September 2012, the whole convention has been divided into four Houses: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. Over the course of the weekend the Houses compete with each other for points until the victor is declared during closing ceremonies on Sunday.

Cyberpunk Run

For Pandoracon 2016 the theme is cyberpunk, so the four Houses are rival mega-corporations fighting each other in the shadows of urban decay and cyberspace to capture and unlock the secrets of PriGen program that was stolen from a U.N. maximum security server. Attendees wishing to participate in the Live Action Adventure Game will play street samurai or hackers, forming teams who will carry out covert missions for the corporate overlords to earn more PandoraCred.

PandoraCred will allow players to purchase upgrades, equipment, weapons, but most importantly Health . . . those entering the game will receive a starter pack of Health Cards and basic skill cards to get things started . . . but there are many hazardous situations that may cost you Health, and you’ll need PandoraCred to pay a Medic to restore your Health . . . it’s tough on the streets . . . and in cyberspace, it can be deadly!

Cyberspace Hacker

The missions build upon each other and lead the Houses closer to grasping the PriGen . . . will your House win? For what real life prizes will you trade in your PandoraCred during the course of the weekend?

Look out for our event flyer cards, they may have PandoraCred on one side of the card; we’re handing them out at various other events and they have a value to all Pandoracon 2016 attendees.


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