Pandoracon Style

So what’s going to make Pandoracon different from any other multi-genre fandom convention? In large part, you!

Pandoracon is designed to be a participatory convention that encourages attendees to be a more active part of the fun. There’s a lot of cons out there that are essentially one big hall filled with tables, a celebrity zoo and nerd flea market . . . people wander passively around the hall, look at what the vendors have to sell, admire a few cosplayers, look at the media guests off in the distance at the other end of people lining up to buy a signature or a pay for a picture, perhaps attend some panels, and then after a couple of hours wonder what to do with the remaining two days left on their weekend badges . . . Pandoracon is not one of those cons.

In its celebration of fandom the biggest part of the celebration is the fans. As much as possible, the program for Pandoracon 2012 will offer activities, events, workshops, and things to do that will keep you busy all weekend. In addition to the essential panels, costume contests, exhibitors, guests of honor, vendor hall, and gaming hall, the Pandoracon program will also include sideshow circus acts, alien belly dancers, steampunk bands, nerd rock bands, surf rock bands, Star Trek Go-Go dancers, legendary room parties, hosted b-movies screenings, cardboard tube battles, the four Houses of Pandora weekend contest, science fiction skits, Fandom Idol talent contest, and many other things where YOU can be a part of the action.

Pandoracon celebrates all things geeky and nerdy about fandom, but a lot of our programming is primarily focused on the longest running science fiction television show of all time, on the verge of its 50th anniversary, the one, the only, Doctor Who! Expect numerous panels on the dear Doctor, a Doctor Who cosplay photo shoot in which we will try to set a record for most Who cosplayers in one picture, skits on the 900 plus year old time-traveller, a life-size Pandorica for the charity jail-n-bail program, and of course . . . the TARDIS.

Whatever your favorite show, movie, book, comic, game, animation . . . Pandoracon recognizes all fandom as a community of creative and imaginative people . . . come join the fun and party with us this September.

2 Responses to “Pandoracon Style

  • I cannot WAIT for this con!! I am really lookiing forward to the interactive aspect, and think more cons should (and probably will) follow suit.

  • i am looking forward to this convention surprisingly…it does have one draw which would make me want to go to Cincinnati (i get more anxious the closer i drive to the river because i can’t handle such aggressive drivers that Ohio has. That’s why i have never crossed the river unless someone else was driving.) It has Jason Carter as an industry guest. I loved his work on Babylon 5.

    As far as the Doctor who cosplay, if the Cosplay i saw last year at Sugoicon is any indication (managed to get out of my shift in the Sugoicon dealers room JUST in time to catch it) It will be a Doctor Who cosplay turn out that will shatter the forth wall and threaten to bring down everything we know as of right now in space and time.

    I can’t wait to see the results…

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