Pandoracon Prop Weapon and Safety Policy

Below is the list of rules and guidelines that must be followed at all times during the event.  These rules can be subject to change based on special situation, property owner rules/wishes, order/requirements from any form of law enforcement, local ordinance, or by event coordinator.  Failure to fallow these rules can result in disciplinary actions up to and not excluding expulsion from the event itself (no event refund available).  Event greeters will be on site at all times to assist the event coordinator in the enforcement of these rules.  Questions about these rules can be answered by the event staff.

  1. All weapons must be inspected by event staff upon check in or registration.
    • Weapons that are permitted in the event will be marked in some way as to show they have passed inspection.  Removing such markings is not permitted unless by event staff.
    • Anyone with a live firearm will be expelled from the event immediately.
  3. All live steel weapons must be sheathed at all times.
    • They must also be piece tied after registration.  No one may carry a live steel weapon without a sheath and piece tied.  Disregard for this will not be tolerated.
  4. All non-live steel weapons must be inspected by event staff.
  5. All fake firearms must also be inspected.
    • This includes and not limited to nerf, cap guns, model guns, homemade replicas, ect.
  6. Any weapon or object that can fire, launch, or shoot an object must be inspected.  These items may only be used or fired in specific designated areas by the event staff.  There will be no shooting or mock combat outside of designated areas.
  7. At no time are you permitted to point your weapon at another person.  This is a Federal offense.
    • See event staff on exemptions or special circumstances to this rule.
  8. No explosive material or objects are allowed at any time.
  9. Objects with spikes or dangerous objects must also be inspected.
  10. If an event staff member deems something unsafe it must be removed at once.
  11. No open flames are permitted.
  12. Fighting is prohibited.
  13. Respect other people at the event, their property and personal space.
  14. Please report all forms of theft and dishonesty to the event staff.
  15. Respect the wishes of the property owners and the other people on the property that are not part of the event.
  16. No one is permitted to brandish his/her weapon outside event property.  Use common sense.
  17. No underage drinking.
  18. No forms of illegal drugs are permitted.
  19. Play safe and have fun.

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