Pandoracon Panels

Pandoracon 2013 has an exciting program line up ready for October 11 – 13 . . . the full schedule will be released next week, but meanwhile here is a description of the panel tracks . . .

Anatomy of a Book

Writer’s Track

Whether you plan to self publish or talk to a commercial publisher, knowing your gutter from your half title page is important. Topics covered will be publishing terms, the basics “rules” of a layout, and e book formats.

Authors and Artists

Scott Bachmann and Emilie P. Bush

The Illustrated Word: Collaboration between authors and artists

Author Readings

Babylon 5: 20 Years Later

Leora Panzarella

Are you a Babylonian? A B5-er? Just an occasional viewer? Whatever your choose to call yourself, join your fellow Babylon 5 fans to share and relive your favourite B5 moments.

Calvin and Hobbes Live!

John Weber

Let’s head back to the funny pages and see if Calvin might be a Time Lord. Yes, seriously.

Cardboard: Not Just for Boxes

Mad-Hatter’s Tea Association

Decorating on a budget? Can’t afford a 100% accurate cosplay? Cardboard can be your best friend. Join us to discover the joys of cardboard!

Colloquium of Gin

Calamity Labs

Learn about the history of Gin. We’ll discuss the making of gin, and share interesting facts and anecdotes about it. There will be a tasting of gins and some cocktails will be sampled as well.

Costume Crafts

Molly Doan

A panel focusing mainly on the art of costume craft-y business, including millinery, mask making, painting, dyeing, fabric manipulation, and beading. Everything having to do with making a costume more than just a bunch of pieces of fabric. Also focuses on sourcing good places to buy materials, general aesthetics, and overall safe practices for the home costume crafter (like dyeing safely and haz mat).

Costume Parade

Ringtail Cafe (Fur Reality)

Do you have a costume or fancy outfit you’re proud of? Join us as we put together a parade of all the costumed figures from both conventions through the Atrium!

The Craft of Writing: Characters That Are Worth a Damn

Writer’s Track

Tips and tricks to making distinct characters with whom the reader can truly relate. Our authors share their secrets for lasting characters.

Dark and Sexy Places

Stella Price

A panel dedicated to the darker, sexier worlds in literature. Like the Labyrinth before, its the pseudo sinister characters that draw us, and make the most lasting impression. Join the panel for a discussion and suggestions on where to take your darker literary cravings.

Doctor Who: Prophecy of Pandoracon

Eleven and Amy have landed in Cincinnati while on their way to the planet October in the Calendar Galaxy. They are about to leave when Eleven picks up a weird energy signature surrounding a labyrinth inside a hotel. Now Eleven needs the help of the Ninth Doctor to save Pandoracon from a dangerous prophecy that is starting to unfold. Join Team Con-Doc in a new adventure to help save all of time and space, or at least a small Cincinnati hotel in October. This panel will be full of audience participation, and you never know what will happen next.



Doctor Who He Hasn’t MET me yet!

Time travel can be a really confusing thing, especially when you are traveling with a Time Lord. Have you ever tried to piece together River Song’s timeline in your head, only to have everything get screwed up when she shows up again? Join Team Con-Doc in a special Q&A panel about everything timey-wimey. All time travelers are invited, just remember Delorean’s no longer have valet parking because of a “certain incident” we aren’t allowed to talk about.



Doctor Who The “NOT” Moffat, Chris, or Karen Special

Have you ever had more questions than answers after watching an episode of Doctor Who? Did you ever want to figure out how things work in Steven Moffat’s head? Ever wonder if Karen Gillian kept any of her Amy clothes? Ever wonder why Chris Eccleston never comes back to the same role twice? Ever wanted to ask the Actors of Doctor Who a question, but can’t afford Comic-Con. Well, now you get your chance to ask all of these questions, except not quite the way you wanted. Join Team Con-Doc Moffat, along with people who sort of resemble a couple other actors from Doctor Who in a new Q&A parody panel.



Dragon Ball Z

Mad-Hatter’s Tea Association

If every time someone travels back in time it creates an alternate timeline, just how many timelines are there? Is the DBZ we love really the “original”? And what about those movies?

Drinking Before Noon

Calamity Labs

Get your breakfast and then join Dorian and Calamity for cocktails. We’ll talk a little about the different kinds of cocktails that have been enjoyed with breakfast for years. Bloody Mary’s and other morning refreshments will be sampled.

Full Figured Fashion

HMS Dauntless

We’ve had several women say to us, “We love the look of steampunk, but I’m not tiny/skinny…” We will demonstrate how to dress the voluptuous body using shapewear and silhouette, and accessorizing with the proper attitude



Genre Feminism

Lauren Jankowski

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror is still seen as a boys only club. The recent controversy at the SFWA and the unending stories of harassment at cons seems to support this. However, there are women working to change this, particularly filmmakers. Genre feminism is thriving among indie genre filmmakers, but it hasn’t quite reached the publishing community. How do we change this? How can we use genre feminism to encourage more diversity in storytelling?

Hob Goblin Hobknob

Ringtail Cafe (Fur Reality)

A special dinner event for the super sponsor level guests of Fur Reality. An evening of food, fun and entertainment.

How to be Edited

Writer’s Track

Copy editing, line editing, proof readers and fact checking. No writing is done until it has been edited. Discover how one finds and best uses an editor, and how to work with an editor assigned to the work.

Intro to Furry

Ringtail Cafe (Fur Reality)

Learn just what it is that constitutes the furry fandom. An introduction to the various shows, comics and cartoons over the years. A sneak peek into the workings of furry conventions.

Laws of Robotics

Katie Daniels

Where are robots now? Where will they be in 50 years? Join us for a look at the current state and the future of our fine metal friends (and foes).

Leatherworking 101

Bret “Sass-o-Frass” Daly, owner of “Fiendishwear” leather crafting.

A discussion and demonstration in basic leather crafting.  Discussion will including the how and where to purchase raw leather and accessories.  Also we will cover some of the basic tools needed to make your own leather accessories and apparel.  The demonstration will consist of making one custom item (yet to be determined which) and explain each step during the construction process, go over the do’s and don’ts and then it will be given away to one lucky panel attendee.

Mixology 101

Calamity Labs

So you’d like to have your own wet bar? Come listen to Calamity Dawn and Lord Dorian Bridges talk all about that. We’ll tell you the basic things you must simply have, and offer our own suggestions on what we like. We’ll talk about classic cocktails and different mixing techniques.

Panelception with Team Con-Doc

Ever wanted to start your own panel, but didn’t know how to get it off the ground? Have you done panels before, but want to come up with some new ideas? Team Con-Doc wants to help by giving tips and tricks acquired from over five years of running panels to help get you started. This panel is complete audience participation. The audience will get to name the convention, the theme, and even perform a panel within a panel. Just don’t forget to leave your spinning tops at home.



Pop Culture Trivia Contest

Ringtail Cafe (Fur Reality)

Pit your mettle against other fans of pop culture. Teams will face off in the ultimate trivia showdown. Do you think you have what it takes to be the champion?



PowerPoint Karaoke

Have you always wondered whether people reading from slide shows are just making things up as they go along? Well, here they really are! Join our esteemed panel as they are given a powerpoint they have never seen and which probably makes no sense and asked to craft an expert talk in front of you.

Queries and Pitches and Spiels, Oh My

Writer’s Track

Sometimes you only get ONE shot to make a first impression, and that shot may be the length of an elevator ride. This hands-on session will shape your two sentence pitch, and help you create a query letter that shines.

Rocky Horror Q & A

Chris Holley

Devirginize those reluctant to go to Rocky Horror, give them some forewarning about what usually happens at a show. Give the audience a chance to Q & A us about everything from Costuming to how a show is run.

Social Media for Writers

Writer’s Track

Building platform is key to success as a writer, but there is a distinct chicken and egg issue. Strategies for building a social media presence and how to best capitalize on it.

So You Want to be a Game Developer?

Wraith Games

Indie Game developers, Wraith Games on what it takes to be an indie dev in the age of digital distribution. Everything from gathering ideas, getting a team together, building your project, marketing and more.

Space Colonies

Edmund Charlton

Discuss how establishing settlements on the Moon, Mars, and in near space can be a long range solution to many current ongoing dilemmas here on Earth. The ideas and talk will be both a bit humorous and serious at the same time.

Steampunk 101

Airship Archon

Basic background info on the history of Steampunk and its emergence in popular culture. This will cover a variety of topics.

Steampunk 210

Airship Archon

Going to conventions, meeting people and starting your own airship. Notes on making personas, outfits and basic modification of clothing and props.

Steampunk Music

Greg Simerlink

A brief introduction to Steampunk music, which while not a genre in itself can be found found crossing many different genres. We will go through examples of steampunk bands in 10 different genres and watch a portion of a music video from a band representing each genre.

Steampunk on a Budget

Airship Archon

We’ll discuss different ways to save money while working on steampunk costuming, including thrifting, modding and sewing.

Strong Women: Heroines, Villains and In Between

Lauren Jankowski and Lauren Magee

There are many strong women in genre, in all mediums. From the goddess Artemis to Eilonwy to Buffy to Mary Mason, from ancient history to contemporary times, tough women are everywhere. Whether they’re heroines, villains, anti-heroines, or somewhere in between, they are always fascinating. Let’s discuss our favorite strong women in genre.

TARDIS Building

Emma Peelout

Have you ever wanted to build a TARDIS? Our very own TARDIS architect will walk you through her build process, with plenty of pictures!

Whose Lion is it Anyway!

Alkali (Fur Reality)

Join us for the crazyness that is Who’s Lion! Audiance participation game that will make your sides split. Hosted by the Amusingly insane Alkali!



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