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In 2012 Pandoracon provided Cincinnati with a new way to experience a Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention with interactive games and events, and now the Pandora Society is excited to announce that we shall be partnering with the Cincinnati Comic Expo this year! The remaining Pandoracon staff will be heavily involved in adding new panels and interactive events to the rapidly growing Comic Expo.

I was planning on waiting until after the Steampunk Symposium to announce this, but sometimes good news is hard to keep secret . . . I, Aloysius Fox, was last week made Director of Programming for the Cincinnati Comic Expo as part of the merger of Pandoracon and the Expo. For the past four years the Expo has put on a fantastic comic show, but now the show is growing into something much bigger than that, and the spirit of Pandoracon is going to help further bring many fandoms together in the Duke Energy Center this September.

Today the Expo announced its latest guest, to whom the Pandora Society played a part in this decision, and as you see above it is none other than Doctor Who! Paul McGann, the eighth Doctor will be coming to Cincinnati in September! As part of this celebration, the Pandora Society will be hosting The Time Travelers’ Ball on Saturday, September 20th in the Duke Energy Center Junior Ballroom . . . an event in its third year inspired by Steampunk, Doctor Who, and general fun costuming! It is not confirmed, but there is a good chance that McGann will join the Ball to judge the costume contest.

While Pandoracon will cease to be an independent show, it is thrilling to know that the work that was begun in 2012 will touch thousands more fans and in a couple more years place Cincinnati firmly on the geek map as one of the best convention hosts in the nation πŸ™‚

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