Pandoracon, a successful second year!

Pandoracon 2013 “Into the Labyrinth” was a great success due to all the collective creativity that was poured into this event by many wonderful people. Being an interactive convention, the attendees brought a lot of their fun and energy to the event, but a dedicated and somewhat insane group of volunteers and staff threw caution to the wind to come of with a fantastic program of events for this Pandoracon.

The Crown Games are the glue that hold Pandoracon together, and the Jokers spent many months developing and testing the games that were presented this weekend for everyone to play . . . the spirit of play is one of the main goals of Pandoracon . . . and the Jokers certainly provided much opportunity for play as they meticulously planned, ran, and kept track of points, moves, and actions on the part of the four Houses of Pandoracon. The Jokers are a modest bunch, but I would like to thank Jaimss Greyling, Katie Wright, Michael Wright, and Spencer Martin for being the backbone of this convention.

Another team that gave Pandoracon so much through sweat, blood, and cardboard was the Labyrinth Build Team led by Corey Gross. Avery Werner, Caitlin Dohlen, and many former Roxx Electrocafe employees (RIP Roxx), and Clifton residents followed their illustrious leader into this madness that I had unleashed upon them when I asked for a labyrinth to be built, and they exceeded all expectation. They worked day and night to build a once in a life time experience of having an actual labyrinth in the middle of a convention . . . the theme of “Into the Labyrinth” was made real by their hard efforts. Thank you!

Labyrinth Corey PC2013A fabulous aspect of Pandoracon was several tea parties held in the afternoons and early evenings . . . this was the project brainchild of Bridget Oliver, who also is our fantastic hotel liaison, and she organized a team and the Houses to provide tea and elegant snacks to attendees. Each table was wonderfully decorated to differing themes dependent upon the Houses, and it was all just brilliant! Thank you!

The panel program was masterfully organized by the talented Emily Finke, a strong woman who did far more for Pandoracon than she was asked to do. The panel submissions, selection, scheduling, and organization were all run without error. Thank you!

The music and entertainment program was packed full by the organization of John Panzarella and his family; thank you! Entertainment was MC’ed by Travis Fessler; thank you! The exhibitor hall was managed by Nicole and Dan Marker; thank you! The Pandoracon Writer’s Program was organized my Emilie P Bush; thank you! The Pandoracon Bookstore was organized and staffed by James and Victoria Keating; thank you! Security was ran with a firm hand by Amber Brandenburg, with close assistance from Bryan Grainger and her great team; thank you! Volunteers were organized by Ann Gie; thank you! The “Doctor Who Room” was run by Who North America; thank you! The games room was organized by Gateway Games; thank you! The life size TARDIS was built and provided by Emma Peelout; thank you!

There are SO MANY people to thank that I can not list everyone at this time, but please know that EVERYONE made this event the special time that is was . . . this is a community event of a strong and growing community of fans and geeks who enjoy celebrating their fandom together . . . may the community grow, and may the happiness continue.

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