Pandoracon 2016 Session – The Making of “Lycan Plague”

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The Making of Lycan Plague

Presented by Chuck Jackson

The making of Lycan Plague, an independent feature film.

Lycan Plague is a feature length independent film project telling the story of a lycan plague in which an ancient werewolf is unearthed in a small Ohio town. The creature is accidentally brought to life during an autopsy which is being performed to determine the nature and origin of the beast. Once revived, however, the werewolf infects the medical staff performing the autopsy who in turn become werewolves themselves. Infection continues until the town is all but taken over leaving a lone human survivor to try to end the carnage brought on by the werewolf clan.

The making of Lycan Plague; from building werewolves to production design on a microbudget.

Chuck JacksonChuck Jackson has worked in the independent film industry since 2009 as a special effects supervisor and creature designer. He is the owner of Bright Waters FX in Pataskala, OH and Pataskala Martial Arts Academy with 38 years of martial arts experience.
Film Credits Include:
BREAK (2009) makeup effects
Reincarnate (2010) Makeup effects and fight choreography
The Prisoner (2010) Makeup effects, props, fight choreography
The Biker Warrior Babe vs The Zombie Babies From Hell (2011 – 2014) Makeup effects, props
The Dormant Machine (2014) Props
Kampout (2015)
Dinosaurs With Guns! (in production)

Chuck’s IMDB page can be seen here IMDB:

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