Pandoracon 2016 Session – saboteurs of big daddy mainframe: cyberfeminism and popular culture

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saboteurs of big daddy mainframe: cyberfeminism and popular culture

Presented by Dr. Electra Complex & Asher Black

Analysis of cyberfeminist images in popular culture and why they matter.



How can cyberfeminist images from the past disrupt the future of gender, sexuality and society? Through an analysis of images and clips, we will address important cyberfeminist moments in popular culture and discuss how they can help us imagine utopia.

Dr. Electra ComplexDr. Electra Complex is a cyborg-kitty-vampire from outer space and popular culture critic. She has a PhD in media studies, with specialization in sexuality, feminism and cinema. Her life goal is to rupture the symbolic from within. She is also half of the electronic duo Curse of Cassandra.

Asher BlackAsher Black is a steampunk dragon that studies cyberfeminism and German cinema. He experiments with creating cyberpunk art in his electronic band Curse of Cassandra. He is obsessed with The Dark Crystal and loves his two sphynx cats Asia and Armand.

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