Pandoracon 2016 Session – Pokemon Vs Digimon

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Pokemon Vs Digimon: Analysis Breakdown

Presented by Leora Panzarella (Mad-Hatters Tea Association)

Which is your favorite – Pokemon or Digimon?

An analytical approach to the similarities and differences between the Digimon and Pokemon anime, card games, and video games, where we answer the on-going debate of which is better by explaining how comparing Pokemon and Digimon is like comparing pears to apples.

Leora PanzarellaLeora Panzarella has been making her mark at conventions since 2013. Using her array of knowledge she brings together different fandoms to teach, discuss, analyze, and just have fun sharing their common interests. She specializes in panel discussions and activities to keep the audience interacting with the presenter, and from her own experience, understands just how difficult it can be for the shyer audience members to share their thoughts. Her panel environments always strive to make everyone comfortable.

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