Pandoracon 2016 Session – Corsetry 101

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Corsetry 101: I Can Breath and My Organs are FINE

Presented by Shannon Powell & Courtney Baires

Think corsets are pretty but painful? Damage your organs? Make it so you can’t breath? Think again!! Corsetry 101 will walk you through basic fits, lacing, and brands to lace down in comfort and style!

And unconsciousness in 3... 2... 1...

Often considered painful, dangerous, expensive, archaic, or any combination of negative words, corsets have long since been hated on. Instead, we’ll show you the safe, the fun, and the well-fitted, in order to get you the perfect shape and reduction with safety and comfort in mind.

Shannon PowellShannon Powell has tight-laced for over four years, and can achieve striking silhouettes and impressive reductions of her waist – at one point up to ten inches! She also has experience drafting and crafting her own corsets, and is active in many online corsetry communities. When laced down, especially at conventions, she spends a lot of time answering questions, dispelling myths, and giving advice to cosplayers and aspiring corset-addicts.

Courtney Baires has a BA in art history, is currently a history teacher, and has spent entirely too much of her life making and wearing historical reenactment clothing, steampunk fashion, and cosplay crafting. From the reed-stiffened Elizabethan pair-of-bodies to the spring steel Edwardian S-bend, she’s studied just about every evolution of the corset and made several from various historical periods, for herself and others including Shannon. Only recently has she had the opportunity to start consistent waist-training, but she’s enjoying it immensely.

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