Pandoracon 2016 Session – Accessibility in Games

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Accessibility in Games

Presented by Jay Kidd & Steve Dorgan (Wraith Games)

With gaming becoming more popular than ever, games that are accessible to disabled individuals are more important than ever.

Jay and Steve of Wraith Games talk about their experience making their game, Collapsus, as accessible as possible. They also discuss the challenges of developing for accessibility, and what gamers can do to help!

Jay KiddReturning to Pandoracon, Jay Kidd is an independent game designer from Hamilton, Ohio and founder of the independent game design studio, Wraith Games. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to make game, so he eventually founded Wraith Games to do just that. A decade later, his team is bigger and better than ever. Now Nintendo licensed developers, Wraith is poised to take over the world!

Steve DorganSteve Dorgan, AKA Wireframe Rabbit, is a graphic designer, 3D modeler, game designer, brand manager, and general jack of all trades from West Chester, Ohio. Working simultaneously with Wraith Games and Gear5 Media, he’s lent his vast pool of talents to some of the Greater Cincinnati Area’s coolest indie game projects!

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