Pandora Writers Agreement

Thank you for joining the Pandora Society Writing Team, we hope that this develops into a longterm mutually beneficial partnership. This page contains outlines for writers, expectations, and compensation details.

1. Articles

  • Articles need to be around 300 to 800 words in length on your assigned topic, with pictures for about every 200 words; if your piece runs longer than 800 words we can serialize it.
  • Profanity, explicit sexual content, or excessively violent content is not allowed. All written material must be original (i.e. not copy and pasted), and photo sources must be accredited.
  • This is a general outline and exceptions can always be negotiated.

2. Compensation

  • Aside from the glory and kudos of being published on The Pandora Society dot com, each post earns the writer two web linked Article Ads ($40 value) to promote your business or projects.
  • These ads are 630 pixels wide and appear at the end of an article. To avoid the appearance of nepotism your ads will appear in posts not written by you.
  • Those who constantly submit an article at least every other week between July and April 2015 will receive two badges to the 2015 Steampunk Empire Symposium and be invited to share their knowledge and expertise live as Speakers at the Symposium.

Article Ads placed at the end of articles can pretty much come in any scale, but will be rescaled to a maximum width of 630 pixels.


3. Contract Periods

The Pandora Society dot com operates with the following months as its quarters:

  • March to May = First Quarter
  • June to August = Second Quater
  • September to November = Third Quarter
  • December to February = Fourth Quarter

Most writers will start with a quarterly contract (from the Agreement date to the last day of the next full Quarter), before moving on to a yearly contract.

4. Author-Publisher Agreement

  • You are the Author.
  • Pandora Promotions LLC is the Publisher.
  • Please print, review, sign, and return this Author-Publisher Agreement.
  • All the nitty-gritty final details are the Agreement, if you have any questions please feel free to share them with Aloysius Fox –




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