Pandora Cinematheque – Two Short Films For Your Lunchtime


Good day! This week we’re bringing you not one, but two delightful, two-dimensional little films – The Deep and Nimbus Machina. Let’s delve in.


Akin to the style of shadow-puppetry, Nimbus Machina is the exploration of a flat-world where an energetic inventor, travelling in a wondrous yet precariously propelled steam-machine attempts to both escape, and is the victim to a storm manifested by his own creation. Whilst being minimal in its narrative, it presents us with a not-so-subtle metaphor for our own environmental crimes – precariously perched on a destructive system of our own devising, we attempt to outrun our mistakes and when granted reprieve, appear to simply repeat the same errors.

This fascinating animation was directed by Thomas Plaete and released in 2014.


The Deep has been doing the rounds on the interwebs for over a year now, and if you haven’t watched this little delight, you really should, as you should with anything made by the award-winning animator PES. Creator of other wondrous little ditties like Academy Award Nominated Fresh Guacamole and the peculiar Roof SexPES has gained international renown for his amazing re-interpretations of mundane household objects into fantastical living things. This piece is no exception, mimicking the alien and terrifying world of the deep ocean with everything from purses to medical equipment.

Directed by PES and released in 2013.

Dr. Pembroke – surgeon, physician, alienist; his primary focus is weird and enlightening stories of medical history. Sometimes, he also reviews short films, because he can. You can enjoy more of his musings, articles and general nuttery HERE.


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