Pandora Cinematheque – The Gunfighter


Somewhere in the wild west frontier, a lone, weary gunman stumbles into the wrong saloon, where a mysterious god-like narrator holds sway over the miscreant, sinful occupants… oh, and it also stars Nick Offerman…

In a delightful twist on the ‘Tombstone’ style Western saloon showdown, this comedy follows a wanted gunfighter into a small frontier town saloon as he seeks to ease his thirst. Almost immediately, the gunslinger and the rest of the bar’s occupants become part of the twisted schemes of the omnipresent and mischievous deep-voiced Narrator (played by Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation fame), to hilarious effect. Every thought, plan or past transgression become public knowledge, to the advantage or detriment to all involved.


The Gunfighter doesn’t have a complicated narrative, yet possesses an undoubtedly smart, tightly written script, and does a fine job of challenging the usual hyper-masculine themes of those typical dusty one-horse-town stories. In under nine minutes it playfully pokes fun at everything from venereal disease, bestiality, sexuality and more besides. The comedic timing is spot-on and it’s well filmed, easily holding my attention.

Directed by Eric Kissack and released in 2014, this work won a bunch of awards in short film festivals across the world and became an instant viral hit. How he managed to pull together such talent for a short film is beyond me, but regardless, it’s a great success and funny as hell.

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