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As we slowly relinquish control of our lives to technological assistance and systems, what kind of sentience are we inviting into our homes? And what happens when this intelligence goes wrong? Blinky shows one potentially terrifying outcome.


There is much debate regarding the possibility that artificial intelligence will be the downfall of mankind. Luminaries such as DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking have weighed in on the issue, advising caution in the creation of our potential robotic progeny. Even Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics are no longer considered to be a serious answer to a symbiotic human-AI existence; examination has proved them to be ethically flawed, presumptive as to the scale of AI superiority and ultimately contradictory.

blinkyFiction has made much of the fundamental threat that AI poses to us, whether as a force used for mankind’s protection such as in Big Hero 6, those working for the betterment of mankind, albeit to our detriment (such as WALL-E), or actively working towards our destruction, for example Skynet in the sadly ongoing Terminator franchise, or the hub-intelligence of The Matrix.

Blinky goes the murdery-bloody route, the retro-8-bit style of his design and creepy voice immediately encouraging us to assume a sinister outcome. As is often the case, it is human weakness in emotional relationships that leads Blinky to destroy those ‘strange, endlessly multiplying mammals’. The child’s reaction to declining family life leads him to exact petulant compensatory cruelty against the hapless robot – and it responds with vividly gruesome results.

Directed by Ruairi Robinson, creator of the tantalizing vision which is Leviathan (reviewed previously on Pandora Society) , Blinky stars Max Records from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, and was released in 2011.


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