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20th Jan 2015

Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 3 – Punishment

‘These men perform miracles, for they “raise the dead”, they are slave dealers, for they sell men ; they are amusing, for they furnish subjects for conversation; scientific, for they...

14th Jan 2015

Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 2 – Protection

Onyxfeld, Early Winter Last week we began a brief study into the trade and industry of the infamous “body-snatchers,” those supposedly immoral and low collection of misfits who bravely and...

07th Jan 2015

Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 1 – Extraction

Onyxfeld, Early Winter As I was recently traveling to the city of Onyxfeld, the train passed by a large, snow covered cemetery. The sight of it brought to mind a...

31st Dec 2014

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Trepanning Pt. 3 – Defiance and Demonstration

London, 1872 My name is Doctor-Chirurgeon J. D. Pembroke. This is Part 3 of the study of trepannation. Part 1 and part 2 are available for your perusal. As the...

24th Dec 2014

Pembroke’s Clinic – Trepanning Pt. 2 – Magic, Medicine and Malpractice

London, 1872 My name is Doctor-Chirurgeon J.D. Pembroke and last week I discussed the history of the medical procedure known as trepanning. This week I will be discussing further the...

17th Dec 2014

Pembroke’s Clinic: Trepanning Pt. 1 – History

London, 1872 On My Humble Self: My name is Doctor-Chirurgeon James D. Pembroke. My work is simply this: to learn about and extend the utility and usefulness of the modern homo...

27th Oct 2016

Medicine Macabre – Eyes and Needles – Part 2!

What do you do when you have severe cataracts, a pressing need for visual acuity, and an unscrubbed, unscrupulous scalpel-wielding surgeon with a disturbingly eager expression on his face? Well, bite down hard on something solid, and begin to pray...

09th Oct 2016

Sunday Summary – October 9th, 2016

So what did you miss this week? Monday, October 3rd, 2016 we looked back at the birthday of Arthur Edward Waite who amongst many things designed perhaps the most popularly used tarot card...

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