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08th Jul 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Dirty Jobs of the Victorian Era – Chimneys and Testicles

In the last article we examined the life of the lowly chimney sweep – the  ever suffering but integral member of the Victorian working community – as if to say anyone had...

01st Jul 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Dirty Jobs of the Victorian Era – Chimney Sweeps Pt. 1

Onyxfeld, 1872 – Late Spring The limits of human endurance are never more emphatically tested than during the labor of an honest days work. The industrial revolution is as exacting...

17th Jun 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Syphilis and Hats

Onxyfeld, Spring 1872 Do you own a hat? Of course you do. Every self-respecting person does. I’ve seen many of you at our various meetings touting magnificent headpieces of all...

20th May 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Intestines and Puppies

Welcome to another edition of Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies. I suppose that this weeks edition might leave you with what could be considered the epitome of mixed feelings, ranging from extremes of...

13th May 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Stethoscopes and Breasts

Onyxfeld, 1872 Our society is utterly fascinated by breasts. The reasons for which are beyond me, but these strange fleshy and bulbous protuberances quite possess our public conscience and hind-brains...

29th Apr 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – John Hunter and the Irish Giant

It’s almost midnight, late by any standards. The weary owner passes a filthy rag over the bar-top and stuffs it back in his stained apron. There’s only a few punters...

22nd Apr 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Charged Loins and Shocking Parties

With the delightful International Steampunk Symposium just around the corner, it seems fitting to explore more of the electric and eclectic ways that fine folks, just like yourselves, would like to,...

15th Apr 2015

Dr Pembroke’s Clinic – Electric-Zombie Kittens

WARNING: This article contains vivid descriptions of gruesome scientific experiments on small, cute, fluffy kittens. Although Karl Weinhold’s experiments strain credibility and may not have taken place, they still evoke revulsion...

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