Our favorite Timelord…in movie form!

Well hello my fellow Whovians!

Butch R. Cleaver here and we’re back with a British sci-fi icon this week on Meet Cleaver Theatre! This week we’re taking a look at the first feature-length Doctor Who movie!

Doctor Who & the Daleks from 1965 is based on the “first” doctor (William Hartnell) and stars Peter Cushing as the eccentric timelord! It also features his three companions of the time, Barbara, Ian and Sarah, all played by different actors than the TV series. The “soon to be” companions stumble onto the Doctor’s time machine and accidently whisk it away to Skaro, where they discover the evil Daleks and their plots for universal dominantion! Can the good Doctor thwart the Daleks, protect his new travelling companions and escape the dread planet Skaro? This film takes quite a bit of liberty with the TV series…something many fans find annoying….but if you’re a Doctor Who fan and completest I urge you to seek out a copy for yourselves. Here’s a trailer to whet the appetite!

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One Response to “Our favorite Timelord…in movie form!

  • I never realized the Daleks looked so well put together that long ago.

    And shame on Lego, blatantly plagiarising Star Trek. 🙂

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