Otto and Victoria: Dressing Your Octopus


Otto and Victoria are a pair of unlikely fashion moguls who took the internet by a storm. It’s little wonder. What’s not to love about an elegant, teal-haired steampunk girl and her adorable tame octopus? The first, clever illustration by veteran Disney animator, Brian Kesinger, has turned into an online phenomenon – and now a paper doll book. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to dress up your pet octopus, wonder no more!

There is currently a kickstarter campaign (that has nearly reached its goal in the first few days of funding) for the paper doll series. A huge range of donation options are available, starting with a digital copy of the paper doll book to culminating in original art commissions. The book includes costumes for both Otto and Victoria, featuring vaguely Disney-inspired themes with steampunk twists (mermaid and purple dragon costumes for Victoria, for instance), fabulous gowns, and outfits borrowed from the Tardis’s closet.


M. Leigh Hood is a rare beast of the Cincinnati wilderness typically preoccupied with writing, nerding, and filming The Spittoon List. For more articles and stories by M. Leigh Hood, look HERE.

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