Ohio Steampunk Society Pins

OSS PinIt’s been five years in the making, but the official Ohio Steampunk Society pins are here!

Back in 2009 when the Ohio Steampunk Society was first formed, Sair Blades was commissioned to “steampunk” the Ohio flag, which she did wonderfully with a change of color from red, white, and blue to tones of sepia and of course the addition of a subtle gear; click HERE to see the original design.

The pin is 1 1/2 inches long and an inch wide, and is now available through our Pandora STORE.

Today we shall be contacting the lucky winner of the pin drawing and sending out her or his prize.

AND, for those of you in the Indiana Steampunk Society or the Kentucky Steampunk Society, original pins are currently being designed for both states by none other than Steampunk Artist Myke Amend. We shall definitely keep you posted 🙂

Myke Amend Rescue

“The Rescue” by Myke Amend commissioned for Abney Park.



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