Only a Weapon from Our Past Can Save Our Future!

Hello Space-cadets!

This week’s feature is a doozy and comes to us from the heady days of 2002! Wow, we’re almost in synch with the times here…

Lovable loser Jim inherits a large 1940s robot from his Grandfather…like you do. He also inherits the ageless enemy that comes with it…a crazy Nazi scientist who is developing a virus to turn people into cybernetic killing machines in order to ring about the Fourth Reicht. Can the lazy loser figure out the secrets of the robot and stop this new menace from destroying his pleasant town? It’s a diesel-punk, cyber-punk trip into goofiness! An independent film that made the convention circuits in the early 2000s, it’s ambitious and fun in a pulp comic sorta way… Try and locate a copy if you can, the robot alone is woorth the price of admission!

This week it’s the 2002 straight to DVD indy-classic: “Project Valkyrie”!

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