Olympics: Day One!

On the first day of Symposium, the first three Olympic competitions began.

The Beard and Mustache Competition saw a host of finely furred faces compete for the first round of points for their airships.

The Iron Tailor competition launched in the Hunt room. The teams received their assignments and materials, but their night was only just beginning. Their completed works will be showcased during the Costume Competition on Saturday. At that time, the winner will be decided from among the competing airships.

From Katie Lynn Daniels, direct from the very first Writing Relay kick-off:

What do a pumpkin patch, a Spanish midget, and a lampost all have in common? The very first Writing Relay of course! Three airship teams dared to compete in this unusual challenge where three writers must work independently to create a single story! Entries will be judged on consistency, incorporation of plot twists, steampunk elements, and readability. The stories will be judged by Emilie P. Bush, Sophia Beaumont, Ash K. Alexander, and Ashley Lauren Rogers. Be sure to join us in the Blue Ash room at noon on Sunday and applaud the winner!

The games continue on Saturday, and some of the most anticipated games, including the Dirigible Races and Nerf Dueling, will be held in the Blue Ash room!

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