Old West Festival Contest – Zachariah Flint


Until midnight (EST) today, we are accepting entires for the Old West Festival ONLINE Costume Contest. Voting runs from August 11th to August 17th, and the results of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice will be revealed on August 18th.

Today’s second featured entry is from Zachariah Flint aka “Flint” of Lompoc, California.

Flint 1Flint 2Zachariah Flint was the new Deputy of a small silver mining town in Nevada, when he ended up having to check out strange activity in an abandoned mine, along with an elderly professor. The creatures they encountered put up a good fight before they were defeated, costing Flint his right forearm and hand. The professor was able to build him a new hand and forearm, utilizing the alien tech and human machinery. He also was able to build an energy weapon harnessing the same power the creatures used, by retrofitting one of Flints pistols. The last item he was able to put together was an eyepatch that harnessed the tech of the aliens own equipment, giving him the ability to see in multiple spectrums. With all the new technology, and re-armed, Flint has taken up the task of bringing down those who seek to harm humanity.

Flourish 3OWF


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