New Leader of the Costume Contest.

Thursday June 19th was the first day of voting for your favorite outfit in our first ever Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest, but there are still two weeks left before the final results are announced at the next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon.

So . . . after four complete days of voting there has been a couple of changes in the top three ranking contestants . . .

1889ladies 680x400

Prof D’Still has moved up to third place.

Richter Omega has advanced to second place.

Lisa Renee Devonesque has leapt forward to first place.

Votes continue to pour in, and many of the other contestants are very close behind these three. With 14 days left to vote these initial results could change drastically . . . there are some awesome outfits that could easily capture the lead with a few more votes.

If you are a contestant, or you have a particular outfit that you would like to see win, do not feel abashed to promote the heck out of that person . . . that’s exactly what we would do if we were not too busy being neutral 🙂

Cast your votes HERE


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  • I want to vote for the Prof D~Still steampunk costume.

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