Nerf Embraces Its Steampunk Side

Let the adventure begin with Nerf Rebelle Charmed bows and blasters! Guard the world from the dark forces that threaten it and launch into action as a powerful protector. (Hasbro)

Nerf Rebelle

Goggles, Baroque designs, and girls who kick butt . . . Nerf fully embraces its inner Steampunk!

Since the beginning . . . whenever the beginning actually was . . . Nerf has inadvertently played a central part in the Steampunk movement, most prominently with the Maverick pistol which still remains the most ubiquitous “steampunk’d” gun of them all. Now, however, Hasbro has gone full steam with new gun designs and packaging that is totally Steampunk with the latest series of Nerf Rebelle guns.

In the Fall of 2013, Hasbro expanded their Nerf brand with the Rebelle series marketed toward girls. At the time many felt that Hasbro had missed the point, noting that encouraging female Nerfers did not require making pink effeminate guns; simply including pictures girls and women using the regular Nerf guns would convey the sentiment that shooting foam darts at each other was not “just for boys.” Two years later, however, the Rebelle series has provided molds that might be the most Steampunk of them all . . .

Nerf Rebelle Charmed

The limited “Charmed” series is exclusive to Target and the novelty is that each weapon comes with a charm bracelet that can be incorporated into the gun/bow, but the most amazing part is the ornate filagree design built into the mold. In terms of painting these Nerf weapons, the level of detail is going to pop when done right, and as a Nerf “restorationist” myself I am eager to get my hands on these with my paint brushes.

The cheapest of the bunch is the Dauntless at $14.99, the Fair Fortune is $19.99, and the EverFierce is $24.99. Given that the “Charmed” series is a limited run for Target, don’t expect to find many of these in thrift stores or yard sales . . . this looks like it’ll have to be a full price purchase, but these will make some amazing steampunk’d weapons for your next convention or event. I’m going to grab me a few this weekend . . . I’ll post pictures of the “restored” weapons in a later post 🙂

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