Movie Review: Odd Thomas (2013)


This film has been coming up on my Netflix recommendations for what feels like forever, and I finally clicked on it last night. OMG it was AWESOME. I found out afterward that it was based on a book by Dean Koontz by the same name.

The story centers on Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin), yes, Odd is his first name. Odd can see dead people, and finds himself compelled to avenge the wrongful deaths. His special sight also allows him to see creatures called “bodaks” that show up whenever they sense catastrophe. And suddenly, his whole town is swarming with them.

untitledWith the help of his almost-too-cute-to-be-real girlfriend (Addison Timlin) and his cop father (Willem Defoe), Odd has to figure out how to avert the danger and keep his town safe.

Odd and Stormy are totally adorable together, so if you are one of those moody, down-on-love types, you will absolutely hate this film. But if you and cupid are on speaking terms and you are a fan of the weird, definitely check out this film. It was scary, it was funny, and it made me cry, so it hits you with a lot of different things all in one package. There is even a random cameo by one of my personal favorite actors/comedians, Patton Oswalt.

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Like my reviews? Check out more cool stuff at my website!


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