Midsummer Masquerade FAQ

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Saturday by noon is the last chance to get discounted tickets for the 2015 Midsummer Masquerade! We know a lot of people like to wait until the last minute, but here it is!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions . . . 

Q. I heard it might rain, is this indoors or outdoors?

A. Both! Moonlite Gardens is partially outdoors, but there is enough indoor cover to accommodate HUNDREDS of people. All of the vendors will be indoors, the main stage is covered, and even the performances in the courtyard will be visible from under the shelters. The event will not be canceled unless the park closes due to severe weather (like a tornado).

Q. Is there a dress code?

A. The only dress code is, “Don’t get kicked out by Coney Island.” Otherwise, anything you want to dress as is great! The event is loosely based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” so there will be a lot of people dressing as fairies or other fantasy creatures. But we’ll also have rennies, pirates, steampunks, cowboys, formal, and even people in jeans and t-shirts. All are welcome!

Q. This is a 13+ event, will there be anything inappropriate for my teenage child?

A. The show is appropriate for all ages. There will be belly dancing, fire dancing, circus acts, a band, and a DJ. The age of 13 was a suggestion from the Coney Island staff.

Q. Will the event sell out, or run out of parking?

A. No! We have space for over 1000 people, and the use of Coney Island’s Parking Lot. Please note that the venue, Coney Island, does charge $8 to park (cash only), so carpooling is still a good idea.

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