Midsummer Masquerade – DJ Nymphoma

2014.06 DJ NyphomaFor those who have already been to the Midsummer Masquerade, you will recall that the event is split into the main stage in the Gardens and the secondary stage in the Courtyard, and it is the latter that is pretty much the domain of the Masquerade’s DJ. During the first couple of hours the Courtyard tends to be more ambient, a place to socialize and relax, but once the main stage draws closer to conclusion then the Courtyard transforms into a place of dancing as the DJ takes us into the early hours of Sunday morning. This year it is DJ Nymphoma (aka Nicodemus Blasko) who will be the Pied Piper of the Dance!

Nymphoma can be found every Wednesday night at the Mad Frog in Clifton spinning his 80’s-Goth-New Wave-Industrial inspired playlists for Absolution, he’s  DJ’d two Cincinnati Steampunk Salons, and on July 19th for the Midsummer Masquerade he promises a playlist that will take you to the past realms of Labyrinth, Legend, The Princess Bride, and beyond . . .


Flourish 3

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