Midsummer Masquerade 2013

Today we take a look back two years and revisit our summary of the 2013 Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade . . .


Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers ignites the stage in a ball of flame. Picture – Brian Kollig

Saturday night saw the fourth annual Midsummer Masquerade spread its wonder and mystery upon the grounds of Loveland Castle as over two hundred masked revelers partied into the night. The clouds smiled upon the event and did not rain; a full moon hung over the castle giving a pale radiant glow to all the merrymakers.

The evening began in the castle courtyard with sea shanties from singer Jack Salt and plenty of fine wares to be found from the various merchants and vendors. On the main stage in the castle gardens, Dave and Felix of Robbin Marks Magic dazzled audiences with their mirth and magic. Back in the courtyard Circus Mojo amazed the crowd with high energy stunts and fantastic feats. Later on the main stage the Pickled Brothers Circus presented their world famous sideshow acts that both amused and shocked everyone. Sonya Blaydes, the final act of the night, lit up the night with her fire dancing.

Back row, six of the eight 2012 crowns. Front row, the new kings and queens of Pandoracon 2013. Picture – Brian Kollig.

Throughout the night, the Jokers of Pandoracon ran the Contest of the Crowns, a series of amusing trials to determine the kings and queens of the 2013 Pandoracon court. The crowns of Pandoracon serve as the social ambassadors of the convention, organizing the four houses in friendly competition that span the weekend. This year’s court promises to be a whirlwind of fun and mayhem . . . as featured in the picture, the front row from left to right . . . the House of Hearts will be led by Draven Amoure and  Tory Borkowski, the House of Spades are ruled by queens Barb Kelsay and Odetta von Kasek, the House of Diamonds went to Splintercat Stoll and Larry Sparrow, and the House of Clubs was inherited by Tina Black and Guy Dillon. A special salute goes out to the 2012 King of Hearts Doctor Forge (aka Dave Francy) who due to health reasons was unable to join the masquerade this year; we all missed Dave and wish him strength and happiness.

More reports on the Midsummer Masquerade this week, and an announcement about exciting plans for next year’s castle festivities!


In the next couple of weeks we shall be unveiling the enchanting line up of performers and events for the 2015 Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade!

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