Meet the Winchesters.

In Sept. of 2005 the show Supernatural debuted on the WB (which no longer exists, now many of the shows that remain from the WB are now on The CW.) Supernatural follows the exploits of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, as they hunt down monsters, ghosts, demons and all things to go bump in the night. They are the ones that Monster Mommies warn their kids about.

When we first meet the brothers their relationship strained. In fact they had been estranged for some years and hadn’t had much contact with each other. When Sam was a baby and Dean a small boy their mother was murdered by an unknown supernatural killer. That led their father, John, to start hunting down the monster that killed his wife. He took his young sons with him. Dean seemed to embrace the role of monster hunter, but Sam, when he grew old enough, left that life behind him.  He went to college and attempted to have a “normal” life. This lasted until Dean showed up one night to tell Sam that their father had gone missing. Sam was convinced to help Dean look for their father. They didn’t find him, but did solve another mystery. Sam decided to go home only to find that his girlfriend was killed by the same monster that killed his mother.

The series has run for 7 seasons so far. In the years it has run the Winchesters have been through an awful lot. Both of them have died and gone to Hell. They’ve fought against and with demons and angels. Every week brings some new horror into their lives. They’ve had to save the world several times, from being overrun by demons, from a world of madness at the hands of Lilith, to even Armageddon itself. And that wasn’t the end of it. Then Leviathan broke free from purgatory and the boys had to save humanity from being made into nothing more than a race of cows.

A few things have always held true in Supernatural. There have always been monsters, because no matter how big or bad the evil guy the Winchesters defeat there’s always another one waiting…or a lot of other ones. There’s always been rocking’ music. Seriously, the soundtrack for the show, Dean’s own taste in music, is heaven to my little classic rocker-chicks heart. There’s always Dean’s Impala, even when she’s not on screen, or hidden away, she’s like another character. That Impala is Dean’s Tardis. There has always been Dean’s wit, and Sam’s angst. The brothers always bicker, and in the end, they always have their bond. No matter how strained that bond is they find their way back to each other.

Sam Winchester is the younger Winchester. He was only a baby when Mary was killed. He knew no other life than that of a hunter. One might think he’d have been the one to embrace it more than Dean. Since he was the baby, John and Dean took care of Sam. They tried their best to protect Sam from the things that went bump. Sam is also quite smart; he’s really the academic of the brothers. He does a lot of the heavy research. Sam’s martial skills aren’t as good as his brothers, but he does all right in a pinch. In fact as the series goes on Sam really bulks up and gets stronger. He turns from a brainiac into a decent fighter. On the other hand, Sam always had that angsty, ennui thing going on. Sam could be a bit whiny at times. Of the two brothers he’s also the more obviously do-gooder.

Dean Winchester (pardon me a moment, I must swoon) saw his mother die. Unlike Sam, Dean remembers a little bit of their life before they all became hunters. He is very protective of his little brother, and that’s something that never changes in the series. His desire to save Sam from anything leads Dean to treat Sam a little too carefully at times. He ends up keeping secrets he should have shared, in the interest of protecting a brother that didn’t need that much shelter. Dean is the brother with the wisecracks. He doesn’t look as far to the future as Sam does. Dean lives in the moment. He’s the one who woos the ladies (usually to a fair amount of success.) Dean has an awesome car and great taste in music. He likes beer and junk food. Dean is cocky and confident. On the other hand, he’s got a more volatile temper and is more prone to just rushing in, at least he did early on. Dean’s flaws are that he’s not good at asking for help, and he hates showing vulnerability.

As the show goes on the flaws and strengths of the brothers merge and change. While Sam learns how to fight better, Dean learns patience. They learn how to plan together, and the Winchesters seem to be able to work together so well it’s almost like they can read each other’s minds. Sometimes.

In Supernatural there are a variety of amazing and wonderful supporting characters, like Bobby Singer and Castiel. Thing is, no matter how much we miss them when they’re gone, so long as we have the Winchester brothers we really don’t need the others. The show can survive anything, so long as the Winchesters are together.

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  • I have only caught glimpses of this show and had no idea that it was seven seasons long. From your summary and from the clips I’ve seen, I now realize that this is a show I need to catch up with . . . thankfully Netflix does have the first six seasons on streaming 🙂

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