Masquerade Rules for Crown Inheritance

2012 King of Spades Bret Daly and Queen of Spades Tiki Von Sexron. Photo by Brian Kollig.

Last year’s Midsummer Masquerade saw the first ever Competition of the Crowns, a friendly contest of knowledge, talents, charisma, and wit to see who would rule the four Houses of Pandoracon: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. The contest and the games are organized by the Jokers of Pandoracon and they have released the rules of engagement for those competing for a crown position for Pandoracon 2013 . . .

Masquerade Rules for Crown Inheritance:
1. The top 8 places will be reserved for those who earn the most points during the night’s three challenges.
2. Depending on how many competitors we have, between 2 and 4 alternate places may be made available.

  • a. Heirs not in the top 8 will be given preferential entry into those spots by adding 5 points to their total.

i. Points earned in this way count only towards the alternate positions (9-12).
ii. If there are 15 or more players and an Heir still ranks in the bottom three after those points are allocated, that Heir will not place.

  • b. All players who ranked in the top 8 remain in those positions.

3. Selection of a Crown will be determined in descending order from highest point total to lowest.

  • a. A Crown may be selected from any Crown that is available.
  • b. Heirs in the top 8 must select the Crown for which they are named.

4. Players in alternate positions (9-12) may challenge for a Crown.

  • a. Challenges may only be issued after all Crowns have been selected
  • b. Heirs in those positions must challenge for their named Crown.
  • c. If a player loses their challenge, they may not lay claim to another Crown.
  • d. If all 8 heirs place in the top 8 positions, no alternate players will be named.

Places are determined by total points earned during competition.
1st place 13 House Points
2nd place 8 House Points
3rd place 5 House Points
4th place 3 House Points
All others 2 pandoracoin

• Each elected Crown earns 10 pandoracoin for their House Treasury.
• If an Heir claims the Crown for which they are named, they instead earn 15 pandoracoin.
• Pandoracoin earned in this manner is in addition to any House Points earned.
• If players in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place (by competition points) do not inherit a crown (due to displacement by challenge), those displaced players take the House Points and/or Pandoracoin earned for that place with them. Thereafter, any House to which they claim public allegiance shall inherit those points or coins.

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