Make it Supernatural


Steampunk Journal editor Phoebe Darqueling regaled the crowd with the historical and literary context for the belief in supernatural creatures during the steam era. As people left the countryside to seek industrial employment, they brought their appetite for stories with them. Major magazines needed to fill their pages with the stories readers wanted, and this included many fairy tales, ghost stories, and vampire tales that had never been recorded before.

The same way fairy tales had served as lessons in morality for people in rural and forested regions, ghosts and vampire stories became the equivalent of urban morality tales for a newly industrialized public. The struggle between science and superstition continued as photographers tried to catch spirits in the act. Phoebe spent time going in depth on three particular beasties that went bump in the night, ghosts, vampires, and mummies, as well as touching on some fears specific to Victorian-era London.

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