Let’s Get Further Acquainted

Casablanca 680x680In an effort to further get acquainted with our audience and attendees, we invite you to join our new Pandora Society Facebook Group for strange and wonderful people. Not only will we be posting most of our updates there, but we also encourage you to share details of the projects that you are working on.

Currently we are also running a survey to learn more about who is coming to this site and how we can make it better for you, and later this week we shall be inviting community members to partake in our Pandora Society Profiles in which we run weekly articles based on interviews with people like you 🙂

We are taking a good look the feedback from our survey and working hard to add more posts that you want to see. There are some VERY exciting projects in the works, including an original web series that will go into pre-production in July, and a new Steampunk game (top secret for now) that will debut at the 2015 Steampunk Symposium, but previews and pre-orders will be available around September 2014.

Things have been pretty exciting up until now, but this year we are seeing the Pandora Society grow into something far bigger and more exciting than we had imagined, and we are glad that YOU are a part of this 🙂



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