KW Jeter at the International Steampunk Symposium

He has written novels set in the Star Trek and Star Wars universes, has written three sequels to Blade Runner, he has written many novels, but to the Steampunk Community K.W. Jeter will be eternally known as the chap who first coined the term Steampunk back in 1987. Come April 2017, it will mark 30 years since he gave the genre a name that stuck, and to celebrate three decades of Steampunk we are thrilled to have K.W. Jeter as our guest of honour at the International Steampunk Symposium . . . in April 2017!

Kevin Wayne Jeter, is an American science fiction and horror author known for his literary writing style, dark themes, and paranoid, unsympathetic characters. He attended college at California State University, Fullerton where he became friends with James P. Blaylock and Tim Powers, and through them, Philip K. Dick. Jeter was actually the inspiration for the character named Kevin in Dick’s novel, Valis. Many of Jeter’s books focus on the subjective nature of reality in a way that is reminiscent of works by Dick.

KW JeterJeter wrote an early cyberpunk novel, Dr. Adder, which was enthusiastically recommended by Philip K. Dick. Due to its violent and sexually provocative content, it took Jeter approximately ten years to find a publisher for it. Jeter also coined the term “steampunk” as a pun on cyberpunk, in a letter to Locus magazine in April 1987, to describe the steam-technology, alternate-history works that he published along with his friends, Blaylock and Powers. Jeter’s steampunk novels are Morlock Night (1979), Infernal Devices (1987) and its sequel Fiendish Schemes (2013).

As well as his own original novels, K.W. Jeter has written a number of authorized novel sequels to the critically acclaimed 1982 motion picture Blade Runner, which was adapted from Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.

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