Kings & Queens of Pandoracon – A letter from the Jokers

Calamity Dawn and Sebastian Scott, the 2012 King and Queen of the House of Clubs.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A moment of seriousness, if you please

It has come to our attention certain things have been said, implied and/or intimated about Pandorcon in general and the Crown Competition in specific. If you have not heard these things, then what was said is of no matter. However, if you feel this may apply to you, please take note.

The Crown Competition at this year’s Midsummer Masquerade is an open competition, but it requires you to pre-register for the opportunity to compete. There are no pre-determined victors, nor is there favoritism of any candidate in any way. The former Crowns have put forward their selection for Heirs to their Crowns, but those Heirs must too compete to show themselves worthy of wearing the Crown. While the former Crowns may compete, promote, and petition for the slected Heirs, ultimately those Heirs must rise or fall according to their owns strengths. We hope this declaration will clear up any misunderstandings or apprehensions held.

Also, in light of any misunderstandings, we will extend the deadline for registering to compete for a Crown to Wednesday, July 10th.

At 8pm on the 10th, we will send out a letter to all those persons who have registered – a letter that outlines both the Crown Competition and the responsibilities associated with being a Crown. If you are still interested after that letter is received, you must confirm that interest by contacting Spencer Martin no later than 8pm on Thursday, July 11th.

For everyone, please keep in mind there are only two points of contact for any information concerning Pandoracon’s Crown Competition or Pandoracon: Aloysius Fox and The Jokers (comprised of Lala-and-Meep, Spencer Martin and Michael Wright), with Aloysius being the main contact. If you do not receive information from those persons, or from sites associated to those persons, then the information does not exist, is not true and has no foundation or merit in its association to Pandoracon or Pandora Promotions.

Please understand, while we have no interest in stirring up or promoting drama, we would be remiss if we did not address someone speaking on our behalf who had not right to do so. We, and by ‘we’ I mean everyone involved in Pandoracon and Pandora Promotions, are committed to creating an inclusive, accepting and respectful environment – one where every person knows they will be given the same measure of consideration and opportunity to relax, play, create, and contribute. We hold no other purpose to be higher, no goal to be more important. Any other possibility, rumor, indiscretion, contravening practice or behavior should be brought immediately to the attention of Aloysius Fox, who will address the matter, the deficit in our efforts or both immediately.

Thank you,
Pandora Promotions

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