King Quentin Osei Rosethorne of House Hearts

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As we draw closer to Pandoracon 2016, it is time to introduce this year’s Crowns of Pandoracon who will lead the four houses in contest over the weekend. Today we meet King Quentin Osei Rosethorne of the House Hearts!

What do you feel your House offers attendees who may not have been to Pandoracon before?
House Hearts embraces the new. We get it. It can be overwhelming and intimidating for everyone, especially those of us who are new to the Geek Convention scene. We welcome first timers to join the experience of Pandoracon and find our true power in the courage of those willing to take that first step. My first true foray into cons was a Pandoracon and it is an honor to be able to help others feel welcome and appreciated just as I was years ago.

logo-hearts-2016What three words do you feel best represent your House?
COURAGE. BEAUTY. HONOR. Do you not hear it? The Beauty in the rhythm of our music? The stroke of the pen that brings life to our comics? The Courage the brings we introverts together to bring our dreams to the big screen? There is Honor in being a Geek. EMBRACE US.
As a Crown, what do you feel are the most important qualities you bring to the role?
We are very much alike, you and I, yet it is our variety that makes us beautiful. As the Crown of House Hearts I appreciate and love the differences among us that make us all so important to each other. My love for our community of Geeks of all sorts is what drives me. I’ve personally felt the impact in my life of being accepted and made a member of a family that leaps over blood lines and is stronger than any I’ve ever known. My best quality, I think, is that I want others to know what that’s like.
What interests or events does your House plan to promote during the convention?
House Hearts is all about building the community. We work hard to strengthen the bonds throughout the Midwest, and will be promoting the Pandora Society and events from the far reaching Steampunk groups of Chicago and Milwaukee.
What, if any, are the guiding themes associated with your House? 
House Hearts is best represented symbolically by the glamour of Gold and Scarlet. Our colors represent the truest beauty, affluence, passion and courage. Our overall theme is best defined by the image of the Street Samurai archetype. We wield our arms, blades and magicks with a cold efficiency; those who employ us are never disappointed and those who love us are never dissatisfied.  


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