Karianne Gottschalk joins the Symposium

Karianne GottschalkWe are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the line up of special speakers at the International Steampunk Symposium is none other than TV’s Karianne Gottschalk from Steampunk’d!

Karianne Gottschalk is former tattoo artist and costume designer, Karianne played competitive hockey for more than 20 years. This tough maker specializes in fabricating weapons, bracers, guitars and intricate leather masks.

In addition to participating in the Symposium’s Steampunk’d panel, Karianne will also be instructing a workshop on how to make leather mask.

Versidian’s Mask Making Class

In this class you will learn not only to make your very own leather masks, but you’ll also walk away knowing basic leather skills so that you can start on any beginner-intermediate leather project!

You’ll learn:

1. What different kinds of leather there is and where to find supplies

2. Cutting, Edging and beveling

3. Shaping and manipulating leather

4. Dying and preserving

You’ll also learn how to install leather hardware! From eyelets, rivers, dots, spikes etc. In this class, you’ll get to make your mask in your own style!! There are never 2 masks that look alike!

A $35 fee is required on materials for the leather mask that you get to keep.

To learn more about other sessions, workshops, and special events please visit the International Steampunk Symposium Schedule . . . your invaluable guide to the topsy turvy realm of Wonderland!

Use the discount code FOX to save 20% off your tickets!

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