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We are Airship Isadore; an autonomous steampunk group dedicated to exploration, adventure, and misbehaving. We hope to expand the love for the steampunk genre, bring together like-minded people to our group, donate as much as we can, and to have as much fun as possible while doing it. Occasionally we work with the Sky Marshals in their charity jail at conventions. 


Wichita, Kansas Sky MarshalsLex

The world’s largest steampunk charity performance group. Interviewed in Gearheartsmagazine issue#10. Part of steamworks and shadows web series. And have been around over two years.





If you have a regular group of Steampunk chaps, ladies, and children that meet under the banner of an Airship or otherwise organized group in Kansas, we invite you to register your group with the Kansas Steampunk Directory. Simply fill out the form below and we will run a feature on your group to promote your meetings and activities.


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