Joey Marsocci at the 2017 Symposium

The International Steampunk Symposium is honored to add Joey Marsocci to our growing list of special guest speakers for April 2017. Formerly known as Dr. Grymm, Marsocci is the creative mind behind Dr. Grymm Laboratories, is a freelance designer with over 28 years experience.


Marsocci’s professional career includes designing theme park attractions, product concepts, toys, puppets, film and theater props; children’s book illustrations, private exhibit consignments, and themed installations.

Leaning toward the darker side of Steampunk creations, Joey has focused his art on creature design and fabricating wearable creature suits, puppetry and interactive inventions utilizing the “GRYMM” style he became known for in the Steampunk scene.  His custom contraptions and sculptures have been seen in Steampunk exhibits and publications around the world, including the Steampunk Exhibit held at the Oxford University History of Science Museum in 2010 and TheCosmopolitan of Las Vegas. He also was the curator of several Steampunk art exhibits entitled Steampunk Bizarre, one of which was held at The Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, CT. These exhibits led to the 2010 documentary entitled I Am Steampunk.

Steampunk artist Joey Marsocci, aka Dr. Grymm.

Steampunk artist Joey Marsocci, aka Dr. Grymm.

His current project, The Daemons Project- The Final Experiment of Dr. Grymm is a mixture of philosophy, inspiration, and motivation geared towards helping people rediscover their creativity while coping with internal setbacks such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and other personal difficulties.

Joey is the co-author of 1000 Incredible Cosplay IdeasHow to Draw Steampunk, and 1000 Steampunk Creations and has been interviewed with BBC America, PBS Arts and several other media outlets.

Learn more about Joey Marsocci’s work by visiting his official site at

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