Introducing the Ringtails!

13 more days to go to Pandoracon and it’s time to introduce you to some of our delightful vendors and exhibitors. Today we bring you The Ringtail Cafe, an independent publication company, based out of Northern Kentucky. Started by Darren “The Tak” Mueller, and Jackie “Salmagundi” Hernandez, the two person team has since grown into a full production company featuring several artists and writers.

Starting out with just one title, and no previous experience in the world of creating comics, the group quickly grew in ambition, and scope. Expanding to several more series, and into new areas of work, the company continued to grow.

Since it’s inception, the company has helped develop some of the largest and most popular comic book related websites as well as new products used by artists around the world.

The most prominent of their art related creations, has been the Blue Line Kids series of art products. Premade booklets, that you draw your own comics in, with easy to follow instructions and preform guides for drawing characters. From there, the line grew into a series of tutorials and eventually a book. Ringtail Cafe Productions is currently in the process of working with schools, to create a number of new curriculum and programs for using comic books and graphic novels as teaching tools. A new series of classes is actually being created based around the lesson plans being developed by Ringtail Cafe Productions.

Currently, the production team is preparing for their upcoming television series on making comics! With Red and blue collabotative.

Ringtail Cafe continues to look towards the future, seeking new ways to expand the enjoyment of comic books, magazines, books and graphic novels for the world. What started small has grown large in a short time, and the future just keeps looking brighter.


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