Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill

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Your new TARDIS team. Image © BBC

Your new TARDIS team. Image © BBC

By now, if you’re a true blue dyed-in-the-wool-scarf Whovian, you have heard the news: Peter Capaldi will be running through corridors with a new companion at his side. Pearl Mackie was introduced as Bill, the “latest one” (as the Brigadier would say) in a stunning two-minute video clip featuring Daleks, explosions, and a brief discussion on why the universe’s deadliest xenophobes use a familiar four-syllable synonym for kill.

Side note: besides the Christmas Special coming this December, which is filming right now, this is the only new Who we’re getting in 2016. Unless you count the new Who spin-off, Class.

On first blush, Bill seems cut from a familiar mold as a Who companion, asking questions and being in danger, but beyond that there’s not a lot we can yet decipher from who she is. Neither do we know the sort of companion she will become or whether she’ll survive the handover when Steven Moffat leaves after Series 10 and new showrunner Chris Chibnall takes over. There’s speculation that due to her outfit of acid washed jean jacket and eerily timely Prince t-shirt (this clip was filmed ten days before the His Royal Badness left us), that Bill comes from the past. Some are even comparing her outfit to that of Ace, the Seventh Doctor’s explosive companion from the Classic Series.

With a year to speculate on what sort of companion she will be, all indications to me from the above clip are that Bill fits… erm… the bill. She’s funny, she’s kind of a geek, she seems a great foil for Capaldi’s cantankerous, and just the right fit to travel all of Time and Space with the Twelfth Doctor.


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