Into the Laboratory with Herr Doktor

Herr Döktor 1Ray guns, space gear, and alien war machines – Herr Döktor’s work is a superb example of Steampunk ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Already a professional model-maker, the good Döktor found Steampunk challenged him in new and exciting ways, leading to a slew of weapons, props, and models inspired by Victorian science fiction. However, Herr Döktor wasn’t happy merely turning his expansive talents in a new direction – he wanted to learn.

Because he continues to develop his skills as a maker, his repertoire evolves to match his vision. Although Steampunk thrives on artificed antiquity, there is nothing stuffy about this gentleman’s work. His creations demonstrate not only his talent as a maker, but also the joy he takes from the work. Everything he makes seems touched by a spirit of adventure and exploration. This gift is what makes Herr Döktor’s constructive adventures so interesting. Colorful and diverse, there always seems to be something new creeping out of his laboratory.

I caught up with Herr Döktor between conventions and builds to learn more about his background and craft.

Me: What initially drew you to Steampunk, or what drew Steampunk to you?

Herr Döktor: I’ve always been drawn to the Victorian era, and also to futuristic science fiction, so Steampunk seems to be a decent average! I had already been leaning in this direction, having read Wells and Verne in my youth, and Blaylock, Jeter and Powers in my teens, and having had the Brass Goggles blog and forum pointed out to me, realized that it had leapt of the page and into reality.

Me: Has your work ever surprised you?

Herr Döktor: Constantly- as a professional model-maker, having worked on many different properties, and for museums around the world, I thought I was at the top of my game, but Steampunk came along and gave me a swift kick in the pants, and pointed out that my metalworking was poor, and my woodworking practically nonexistent, so I suddenly found myself learning new skills. Currently, I’m teaching myself galvanic etching.

Herr Döktor 3

Me: In your opinion, what’s the best part of being a maker?

Herr Döktor: Oh, difficult- the joy of creation, the relief of completing a project, and with Steampunk the almost complete lack of rules, it’s all fun!

Me: What is the single worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Herr Döktor: Probably “near enough is good enough”- if I’m not happy with it, how can expect anyone else to be?

Me: If you had more money than J.K. Rowling and all the time you needed, what would you build?

Herr Döktor: With infinite resources and funding? A fully integrated Steampunk city…

Me: Anything cooking in the lab savvy citizens should prepare for?

Herr Döktor: Well, I’ve almost completed an Art Deco ray rifle, because Steampunk and Dieselpunk are intimately entwined as far as I’m concerned, and I have a version of Wells’ Martian War Machine on the bench, but who knows? Something else might occur to me before I finish either of them!

Herr Döktor 4

To learn more about Herr Döktor and keep appraised of his latest inventions, follow his blog or Facebook page.


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