In One Week – Adventure Takes Flight

One week from today, The Pandora Society will launch the first episode of a long-running, biweekly serial in partnership with KT Sebastian and various artists and illustrators in the community.

Courtesy of RJ Cote.

Courtesy of RJ Cote.

The story, Wheelworks, is an action/adventure mystery which will launch readers into a plot full of lush scenery, intrigue, and aerial combat. If fisticuffs, airships, and witty banter appeal to you, then make sure to mark your calendars for the first episode next Sunday, September 27th. If you simply can’t wait to begin learning about the story and the author we teamed with (kidnapped), then check out KT Sebastian’s Facebook page!

Each chapter will feature original cover art by talented artists you may already know and love (or may discover and love). If you are interested in joining the wily ranks of Pandora Society contributors, be sure to contact us!

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