‘Hell and Back’ Part 2 Cory Campodonico and the Pinnocchio Parallel

Hell and Back, a new feature film by producer Corey Campodonico, is in the theaters just in time to lift your Halloween spirits.

Hell and Back is a stop motion film that would make Gumby and Pokey blush or run in terror. It promises to set a new standard in adult animation that will leave “Robot Chicken” and others in a putty purgatory.

Hell and Back 680

It stars Nick Swardson as Remy, who has to travel to Hell in order to rescue a friend and return him home.  Along the way he meets Deema, played by Mila Kunis, Susan Sarandon as Barb the Angel, and Bob Odenkirk as the Devil himself.

It was this writer’s privilege to sit down with Mr. Campodonico for a chat at Chicago’s Wizard World.  Corey’s producer credits include Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.  Corey and his crew take the wild and absurd humor of Robot Chicken off into a whole new level with this feature film.

In the press room at Wizard World it was clear that he enjoyed working with Nick Swardson as well as the directors Ross Shuman and Tommy Gianas and they are hoping the viewers have as much fun watching as they had making it.

While Hell and Back is pushing to the top of this writer’s watch list, another film yet in the making came to mind in this series of interviews.  Nick Swardson made the tongue in cheek comment that he was made of wood.  While a humorous comment from a comedian is easily dismissed, it is interesting to note that Corey is slated to be a producer on the new Pinocchio movie with Robert Downey Jr. as Gepetto.

The movie’s IMDB page doesn’t list any of the cast as of the writing of this article, but Nick Swardson would be a great actor for the job and, as he said himself, he is made of wood.  So while it may not yet be official, it seems like Nick may soon be staring as Iron Man’s wooden boy.

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