Guest Author: Teri A. Jacobs

Terri JacobsTeri A. Jacobs, dark fantasy author of “The Void” and “Secrets of the Bones,” joins Pandoracon as a guest author. Jacobs is not for the faint-hearted and critics have described her as “a fearless storyteller who knows how to grab your attention. This [“The Void”] was a genuinely frightening and intelligent book, filled with all sorts of malicious fun.”

Her most recent novel, “The Secret of the Bones,” is a tale of  the Grigori, the fallen angels of the Old Testament, have escaped their prison in heaven and once again seek to spawn ravenous sons-with Rani, as their prey, their pawn for exquisite pain and sex . . . but she is another’s pawn as well. One man, a master in the art of necromancy, murdered her son years before and now holds his tortured soul ransom-her life for his peace. Because within her flesh and bone lie divine secrets and the keys to controlling the angels. Power he craves. Power she possesses. Power that manifests in the deadliest ways. Delve into the Secrets of the Bones, into this apocryphal covenant of gods and monsters, into this disturbing Dark Testament of madness and magick, blood and blasphemy…

Learn more about and from Teri A. Jacobs in September at Pandoracon.

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