Guest Author: Muffy Morrigan

Joining Pandoracon in September is author of  The Sail Weaver, The Hunt: A Custodes Noctis Book, The Legacy: A Custodes Noctis Bookand The Summoning . . . Muffy Morrigian.

How to describe Muffy? Perhaps would be best if we let her do the introductions in her own words . . .

I was born in California on a sunny Labor Day weekend. I would like to say that was the beginning of my writing career but, sadly, it took several months for me to manage my first word. Much to the dismay of my parents, who were expecting “Mommy” or “Daddy”, my first word was, in fact “fish”. Shortly thereafter came words two and three, still not the expected ones. No, I was living the outdoor life and so “tree” and “bear” were the beginnings of my verbal odyssey.

My writing career began at age six, when I wrote a science fiction novel, made several copies by hand and sold them to the neighbors for the huge profit of ten cents. Several years later, I wrote something close to a complete novel, another science fiction adventure, complete with space battles, evil geniuses and a talking caterpillar.

Several years at University let me pursue my love of history, archaeology and theater (I will admit that is an unlikely trio) as well as the English language. While there, I embarked on an epic writing adventure which, thankfully, is lost in a box somewhere. I won’t mention the topic specifically, but let’s just say three words in random order trek, geek, star. Don’t judge me.

After leaving graduate school and having my dreams of becoming a Grand Prix driver foiled, I embarked on a series of jobs and proto-careers that all led me back to writing. Each added a little depth, and finally came full circle. After writing for nearly every print source imaginable: weekly magazines, daily, weekly and alternative newspapers – and everything from obituaries to columns and reviews – I decided it was time to make the leap off the cliff and return to my first love – fiction.

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