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Today we present to you the tenth of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, the Flintlock Raygun created by Stephen Chapman (aka Enganear).

Flintlock 1

In 1892, Doktor Kauffmann at the University of Berlin developed a heat ray on his workbench. He wanted to make his invention into a weapon, but knew nothing about weapons. He remembered that he had a flintlock pistol that his great uncle had left him. He repackaged his heat ray to fit on the frame of the flintlock and this is the result. The weapon uses a tuned resonance between the emitter plates to produce a focused energy beam hot enough to ignite anything organic in origin. An unfortunate side effect is the painful screech that accompanies a discharge.

Flintlock 2

I made a proof of concept first on a plastic buccaneer pistol. I liked it and invested in a true scale Denix replica flintlock with working metal parts and a wooden stock. I fabricated the mount for the vaccum tubes from sheet brass and lighted them with orange LEDs. There is a working brass rotary switch next to the copper gauges that turns on the LEDs in the tubes and the green LED in the brass spotting scope that projects a crosshair. When the trigger is pulled, dual piezoelectric buzzers screech in a tuned discordance. The spotting scope started as the leg from a coffee table and houses the rechargeable lithium ion battery and charge port. The lens on the scope is glass and is soldered using stained glass technique. The original flintlock parts all work as well.

If you wish to enter your best goggles, gun, or gadget, the deadline for entry is July 19th at midnight (EST) and voting begins on July 25th. There are eight ways to win . . . click on this banner to learn more.

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