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Today we present to you the sixth of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, the Steamthrower created by Chris Dehart (aka Arkoba).


The steamthrower is a modern marvel of Ullera from the Pure Steam Campaign Setting for Pathfinder RPG. Pioneered by pneumatic engineers, it consists of a portable boiler mounted on the wielder’s back. When triggered, it pumps super-heated steam at high PSI. The steamthrower was originally designed the combat creatures in coal mines without igniting methane. It has since become a staple of adventurers the nation over, due to its ability to burn without destroying buildings or loot, as well as its full underwater functionality. In a bind, wielders can throw open a bleed valve, shrouding themselves in a cloud of steam for concealment and/or escape.


Made almost entirely of used/salvaged parts, the is a combination of scrap hardware such as conduit, pipe, foam, and plastic. The back assembly is an old Army rucksack with a foam/plastic facade. Battery-powered candle lights in the back assembly can be initiated to simulate the boiler activity. In the firing mechanism, a Hudson sprayer is enshrouded in foam, plastic, and pipes, and filled with baby powder. When triggered, it emits a non-toxic stream of faux steam. 

If you wish to enter your best goggles, gun, or gadget, the deadline for entry is July 19th and voting begins on July 25th. There are eight ways to win . . . click on this banner to learn more.

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