Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – Osei’s Incorporeality Key

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Today we present to you another of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, Osei’s Incorporeality Key created by Osei Jabulani

Osei Jabulani 2

The Incorporeality Key was created in 1903 by Sergeant-at-arms Osei Jabulani of the illustrious Airship Ashanti, flagship of the Ashanti Air Corps in service to Queen Asantewaa. A harmonic bond of faith and machine, the Key stores the memory of the souls of the Asante people lost during 100 years of war.

The Key is worn in style similar to that of an armored gauntlet, and allows the wearer to focus the energy and will of thousands into a single focal point. This soul energy not only powers the Airship Ashanti, but allows its full potential to be unleashed…

Osei Jabulani 1

The gauntlet was cobbled together from PVC plastic, assorted hardware store clearance rack odds and ends,and a lot of glue. It also has a AA cell power inverter with an LED wire to give it that cool con glow. 

Due to a large number of entries, voting has been moved back a day to July 26th.


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