Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – Cross Country Goggles

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Today we present to you another of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, Cross Country Goggles created by Emily Equestrious of Union, Ohio.

Cross Country goggles 2

These goggles protect and aid you while you are galloping cross country hunting all things evil like zombies, vampires, Nazis, bats, ticks, and squirrels (MyJack Russell’s made me add them). The cross hairs help you calculate the distance to your next jump. The goggles keep the mud and zombie blood out of your eyes. The gears and light keep your ocular assistance powered. And the bling keeps a girl styling even covered in mud, horse slime, and zombie goo.  

Cross Country goggles 1I started with your basic welding goggles. I added padding and the strap using parts of an old hemet harness. Then I used clockworks from an old clock and pieces parts including the light (which works) from Mendelson’s (best garage sale EVER). The inserts are from Morlock industries via Crimson Chain. The charms and bling are from the craft store. Glue, paint, wire, lots of obsessing and voila! The hat in the pic was punked via Crimson Chains awesome hat corset.  

Due to a large number of entries, voting has been moved back a day to July 26th.


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